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A celebration of wellness, food and community at the Green City Market

Last season, we celebrated four charities that spread comfort and joy across the world. This holiday season, we continue to highlight the great organizations that make health and wellness a priority.

Green City Market is Chicago’s largest and first year-round farmers market that has built a devoted following of vendors, volunteers and customers over the last 30 years. Featuring products from more than 60 vendors across four states, Green City Market connects farmers and local producers directly to chefs and Chicagoans alike.

This wonderful, far-reaching organization is near and dear to our hearts. Committed to bringing a more diverse range of high-quality products to more Chicagoans, educating kids of the value of good, sustainable foods and supporting the farmers who make the market possible, Green City Market is building a community centered on good food and better health.

While closerlook has some personal connections to Green City Market, what it does for the larger Chicago community sets the organization as one worth celebrating this holiday season.


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Take a look at how the organization is making a real difference in the health of our community

Better food to more Chicagoans

Green City Market is committed to getting healthy, sustainably grown food to families all over the city.

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Kids, good food and Green City Market

A commitment to the health of the future eaters of Chicago shows up in the classroom and at the market.

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Supporting the farmers who support the market

Green City Market is committed to helping each of their farmers bring the best, most sustainable food each day.

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Talking health, wellness and food with Green City Market Executive Director
Melissa Flynn

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closerlookers are cooking up some healthy holiday cheer

Each holiday season, we like to celebrate with some home cooking. This year we asked our in-house chefs to work their magic with locally sourced ingredients.


Amy's Sweet Potatoes

Amy's Fajita Sweet Potatoes


Juliana's Cod in

Juliana's Cod in Charmoula Sauce

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Anna's Killer Kale Salad

writers icon

Binish's Creamy Cauliflower Rice

Vegan Cheese Dip

Liz's Easy(ish) Vegan Nut Cheese

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