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closerlook, inc. featured in Med Ad News

Med Ad News - April 2017

Med Ad News, a leading publication for the pharmaceutical industry, offering insight into successful business and marketing strategies, has again recognized closerlook, inc. in its annual list of top pharma agencies. Key areas featured include closerlook’s offerings, 2016 accomplishments and view on industry trends, the profile gives readers an in-depth look at where the company is going in the year ahead. 

2016 Accomplishments

With clients increasingly having less resources to coordinate an agency ecosystem, closerlook has evolved to be the kind of leader our clients need—a digital pharma marketing expert that directs brand, digital and media partners to ensure strategic messages work together across channels. We help our clients coordinate campaigns with partners and work with each partner to make sure it can do what it does best.

Our 2016 portfolio reflects achievements across all stages of the brand life cycle, completing projects for pre-launch, launch and mature brands in both primary and specialty care markets including diabetes, mental health, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardiovascular health, sleep disorders, wound care, urology, hematology and oncology.

In an unbranded non-personal multichannel marketing campaign, closerlook raised awareness of an unmet need in the disease state and built momentum leading up to a product rebranding in a crowded market.

  • Surpassed 2X the industry benchmarksin key awareness metrics including email open and click-to-open rates.

  • 5X higher script writing achieved by newly opted-in writers versus existing writers of the brand

In a branded non-personal multichannel marketing campaign, closerlook engaged HCP and patient audiences with a unified message of product differentiators through product launch and into brand maturity.

  • Total engagement 134% higherthan forecast

  • Generated 107% more pages per visit than goal on brand-owned properties

  • Achieved 189% more third-party engagements than forecast through paid media

Software and services

  • Backstage® Relationship Marketing Technology Suite
    The Backstage® RM Technology Suite helps clients manage their RM efforts through data management and integration, responsive HCP website management and customer insight distribution to Sales Representatives.

  • HCP Digital Playbook
    Credible insights on target HCP audiences and their digital tendencies are unified and organized to help our clients maximize their digital spending with best practice-based executions of proven strategies.

  • Multichannel Marketing Reporting
    Multichannel campaigns are developed to find customers and deliver them increasingly relevant content by aggregating reporting across all channels to reveal actionable insights that drive effective engagement.

  • Media Planning and Buying
    Insights from multiple sources are used to formulate media plans and buy strategies that reach target HCPs with relevant messaging across a wide range of channels.


Future plans

In 2017, closerlook will launch a new, long-awaited addition to the Backstage® RM technology suite—Backstage® Duet. This advanced analytics and customer-level insight discovery application will help pharmaceutical organizations gain a deeper understanding of their audience to enable smart campaign optimization.

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The drugs, Optistavin, Easovartis and Librylin, and names, results, case studies and specific information, referenced in this advertisement are fictional and were created solely for illustrating the digital marketing capabilities of closerlook, inc. Any resemblance to actual drugs, medications, treatments, persons, living or dead, or to actual events, is purely coincidental. closerlook, inc. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by such party’s reliance on the fictitious information contained in this illustration.

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