2017 Holidays

Declutter your space

It’s no secret that decluttering and organizing our spaces, including closets, desks and cabinets, can help reduce stress and save time. This time of year in particular is a good time to put that old adage “out with the old” to use and keep it at that.

Gulistan Fatima, our Associate QA Analyst is looking forward to decluttering because “De-cluttering has lots of great benefits – short term, long term and far reaching. I think, besides obviously creating more space, decluttering radiates positive energy and peace around me, brings sense of order and calmness, help de-stress, sense of wellbeing.”

But don’t take our word for it, check out Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo’s tips.

If you have a little time (4 mins)


If you have a lot of time (42 mins)

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