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From Green City Market comes better food, better health and a better Chicago

Part of the mission of Green City Market focuses on improving the availability of a diverse range of high-quality and healthy products, because good food is something that every Chicagoan deserves.

Matching values

That means putting better, more sustainable foods from each market day in the hands of Chicagoans for an affordable price. From fresh produce to breads, jams, cheeses and more, Green City Market wants to make it easier for the whole city to use the healthy ingredients offered by its vendors in their cooking.

That’s why Green City Market partnered with Illinois SNAP, which helps low-income people and families buy the food they need for better health through a Link card, which works like a debit card.

For each market day, Green City Market matches up to $15 in value per card to be spent at the market. This gives Link card holders the chance to try more things at the market and bring home healthier, better food for their families.

Banking good will

In collaboration with the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s culinary job training program for underemployed or unemployed Chicagoans, called Chicago’s Community Kitchens, Green City Market hosts students to learn how restaurant workers use a farmers market to find ingredients for their menu.

The students then take back unique items that are not found in typical stores or from large-commodity vendors for a cooking lesson—giving the students more exposure to items and spreading the use of healthy, sustainable items in everyday cooking.

That’s not where the partnership ends. Green City Market also coordinates with the vendors to donate their goods to another food bank, Lakeview Pantry, at the end of a market day—meaning less food waste and more people get to experience the great products offered by vendors.

Three chefs offer their perspective on Green City Market, good health and better food


Want to do your part to help those in need eat well this holiday season?

Food banks all over Chicago and beyond are a great place to start.

Greater Chicago Food Depository

Greater Chicago Food Depository

If you’re in Chicago, this tool is a great way to get involved and help the community—especially
during the holiday season.

Feeding America

Feeding America

Not local? There are still plenty of places to get in the spirit of giving around the country.


Kids, good food and Green City Market

A commitment to the health of the future eaters of Chicago shows up in the classroom and at the market.

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Supporting the farmers who support the market

Green City Market is committed to helping each of their farmers bring the best, most sustainable food each day.

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