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Green City Market is preparing the future eaters of Chicago, from the classroom to market days

The commitment Green City Market has made to the Chicago community is not just about what’s at the market each day. The organization is also working to educate kids and their families on the connection between wellness, health and nutrition. So Green City Market is creating a new generation of eaters who care about where their food comes from and how to use that food when cooking at home.

High marks for Edible Education

Each week, Green City Market goes out into two schools in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago to teach 3rd through 12th graders in gardens and kitchens. In these hands-on experiences, volunteers from Green City Market help kids learn how to garden and cook, as well as about nutrition.

These kids are then able to practice what they learned with their families, spreading the knowledge of healthy cooking to everyone in their household.

Green City Market is not stopping at two schools. It plans to expand to five schools in the next few years and will continue to grow the program, bringing more education and better food to more kids in Chicago.

Market days with Club Sprouts

Club Sprouts is the kids' program at Green City Market that helps a new generation of Chicagoans care about where their food is coming from—and why knowing how it gets there matters.

At every market, kids get the opportunity to taste in-market items they may not find anywhere else, as well as watch chef demonstrations, and even visit the edible garden to see how some produce goes from the ground to their plates.

A highlight of these activities is the chef demos, which feature a top Chicago-area chef using locally sourced, sustainable products from vendors and providing inspiration with easy recipes and tips on preparing unique items.

These educational and immersive experiences can also translate back to the home, where kids start cooking with their families using the ingredients they found at the market—and applying the techniques they saw in demonstrations.

closerlookers have future chefs of their own at home.
Check out what they’ve been up to!


The 2019 Dirty Dozen

At the grocery store? Here are the foods non-profit organizations say have the most pesticides when grown
conventionally versus organically.1

  • StrawberriesStrawberries
  • SpinachSpinach
  • Kale   Kale      
  • NectarinesNectarines
  • ApplesApples
  • GrapesGrapes
  • PeachesPeaches
  • CherriesCherries
  • Pears   Pears
  • TomatoesTomatoes
  • CeleryCelery
  • PotatoesPotatoes



1. London J, MS, RD, CDN 2019, The New Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Are Here – But Should You Care?, Good Housekeeping, viewed 18 November 2019.


Better food to more Chicagoans

Green City Market partnered with Illinois SNAP to get healthy, sustainably grown food to families all over the city

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Supporting the farmers who support the market

Green City Market is committed to helping each of their farmers bring the best, most sustainable food each day.

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