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closerlook expands office space to accommodate rapid growth

Chicago, IL – March 2016

As closerlook, inc., experiences rapid growth—expanding from 51 to 135 employees in just the past five years—we continue to update and expand our brick and timber loft space in River North. Working with Eastlake Studio, we have made over our existing offices, added a new floor and even begun expanding on our new space. The results have far outstripped our expectations.

Our staff culture and work output relies on an open environment that encourages collaboration. So office transformation creates new ways for multidisciplinary teams to work together. Our multi-floor open-plan office includes modernized kitchens, communal dining areas, spaces for small groups and informal gatherings as well as tech-enabled meeting rooms in a variety of configurations.

The centerpiece of the new space is a monumental stair connecting the two floors, gathering the office’s primary public areas around it. This includes a sun-filled balcony for staff hoteling and a larger space that can comfortably accommodate 120 staff members for all-company meetings.

Now, closerlook has begun a second wave of expansion in 2016—expanding our new 4th floor space to take over the entirety of the floor. New meeting rooms and new work areas are coming this spring. All to better enable collaboration in our growing business.

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