Liz's Easy(ish) Vegan Nut Cheese

Liz McArthur

Office Manager

I have always been nut-cheese curious, it just seemed like a lot of work. Like the part where you soak nuts overnight. Actually, just that part seemed like a lot of work. And I mean, what if I soak these nuts all night and tomorrow I DON’T FEEL LIKE MAKING NUT CHEESE??? I don’t want to piss off tomorrow me. So, when I found this recipe where I only had to soak the nuts for 15 minutes, I was IN.

See the recipe on Nora Cooks

This is probably a great recipe for fake nacho cheese. I wouldn’t know. I didn’t make this. I -ished it. Feel free to follow that recipe if you want vegan nacho cheese. Here are the changes I make below if you prefer something more hummusy…and feet smell-ish.

  • I didn’t add all that water 'cause I wanted it hummusy-textured.
  • I didn’t use sriracha.
  • I didn’t use chili powder.
  • Anytime a recipe tells you to add an amount of garlic, they are lying. Double it.
  • I added like a doot doot doot doot of chipotle sauce, then a bop bop...bop bop- is this too much?
  • Maybe a li'l bop more of liquid smoke
  • This recipe says to use a food processor, but I refuse to learn how to use mine. So, I use an immersion blender, which is nice if you prefer to have the food you’re cooking end up all over the walls and your face.

I eat this on everything. Specifically, celery, pretzel rods and sometimes I dip popcorn in it if nobody’s lookin’.

Listen while you doot doot doot

Liz likes to listen to podcasts while she makes her nut cheese.
Lucky for us, she listed her favorite episodes!

writers icon

Dolly Parton's America

Dolly is often described as the great unifier. As is food!

writers icon

Snap Judgment

Short real stories. They recently had an episode that was 100% about Rihanna’s “party plane” during a tour where she flew to each venue with a plane full of fans and journalists.

writers icon


I guess technically a lot of people featured on this podcast are involved in crime, A lot of them aren’t but when they are it's such a good story that it doesn’t matter.

writers icon

The Allusionist

A podcast about language. But it’s more than that. It’s the WHYS and WHENS of language. There are a lot of recent food-centric episodes.
(This is the apples one.)

writers icon


Writer Jonathan Goldstein solves people’s personal unsolved mysteries. It's fascinating.

writers icon

99% Invisible

A podcast about design in everyday life. Like the things you don’t really think about.


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