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closerlook is a new type of lead agency that makes a difference in the lives of customers by focusing on what matters most.


What We Do

We have designed our capabilities to work in concert to make positive differences in the lives of patients and those who care for them. Patients find the therapies that are right for them. Healthcare professionals are armed with the information and support to make the best treatment decisions. And the brands who take the best care of their customers enjoy competitive advantage and superior growth.

  • Biopharma Brand Marketing

    We build brands that make a difference.

    We know that engaged customers lead to sustainable growth over the lifetime of a product, so we start with fresh insight about what customers want and need. That knowledge powers every marketing move we make.

  • Digital Marketing

    We help brands engage the right customers, more often, in more meaningful ways.

    Digital allows us to reach customers with information that makes sense when they need it. People expect relevance, and it’s what we deliver. Less noise, more engagement.

  • Marketing Analytics

    We make marketing more relevant.

    We augment clients’ understanding of their audiences with an array of data about who they are and the journey they are on. Our goal is greater empathy that fuels smarter ways to engage customers now and in the future.

How We Do It

We are not fans of working in silos. Or waterfalls. Or fiefdoms. We assemble teams of the right combinations of diverse talent to make a difference for the brands we serve. Our four areas of expertise (below) come together in varying combinations to comprise our three main capabilities (above).


  • Biopharma Marketing Consulting

    Biopharma Marketing Consulting

    We are marketers first.

    The art of planning grounded in the science of research sets the stage for everything. We combine years of pharma wisdom with a commitment to meaningful innovation to chart the path to success. No tactics, please, until we agree on the strategy.

  • Creative Strategy

    Brand & Creative Strategy

    We design living, lasting brands.

    The brands that win and grow over time are the ones committed to satisfying customers’ needs, wants and hopes. They are more than product features or a new ad campaign. Brands that succeed will excel at customer experience; this is at the heart of our approach to building brands.

  • Mulitchannel Marketing


    We turn strategy into real world experiences.

    Instead of using media to interrupt, distract and overwhelm, we design multichannel campaigns to connect with customers where and when they have the time and inclination to care. It’s that moment when a customer’s pressing question meets a brand’s perfect answer. It’s magic when it’s meaningful.

  • Marketing Intelligence

    Marketing Intelligence

    We make better sense of marketing.

    We capture, analyze and synthesize myriad sources of data to better understand what customers want and how brands can best satisfy them. Our analytical offerings are designed to inform the real world decisions marketing teams face about how to meet customer needs while also making a business impact every day, every quarter, every year.

Our Leadership

Our Culture

We are pros who take our work seriously. But we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

We are a tight-knit team that respects the trust clients place in us, the responsibility we have to patients and those who care for them and our craft as professionals. We strive to “own the business” on behalf of our clients—to act with the understanding that success largely rests in our hands.

We cultivate an environment in which great, meaningful work can flourish. Where every individual is confident in his or her role. Where each person knows they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.  And where humor and laughter is often the best medicine.


Our Workspaces

Places Where Our Teams Can Do Their Best

Our Chicago and New York offices feature open floor plans to encourage productive collaboration. We have no private offices. We do have a plethora of meeting rooms, collaborative work areas and private conversation spaces to support the ways high-performing teams work best.

We also make near-constant use of video/web conferencing (Zoom) and virtual tools (like Microsoft Teams, Jira and InVision) to conveniently connect teams, clients and collaborators wherever they may be. Teams can focus their energy and talent on what matters most.

Our Clients

We work with the best.

Our client relationships are built on collaboration, mutual respect and a shared commitment to make customers’ lives better. Here are just a few of the companies that we work with to make a real difference for real people.

Novo Nordisk UCB Horizon TerSera Revance Alexion

Industry Partners

Digital is in our DNA.

Our teams enlist the best technology to create relevant, meaningful customer experiences.

Adobe Community Atlassian MS Partneriqvia Email on Acid Marketo VeevaSitecore Tableau
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The drugs, Optistavin, Easovartis and Librylin, and names, results, case studies and specific information, referenced in this advertisement are fictional and were created solely for illustrating the digital marketing capabilities of closerlook, inc. Any resemblance to actual drugs, medications, treatments, persons, living or dead, or to actual events, is purely coincidental. closerlook, inc. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by such party’s reliance on the fictitious information contained in this illustration.

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