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closerlook sponsors 5th Annual Firefly Ball

Off The Street Club - July, 2013

A great time was had by all— adults, children and fireflies alike—at the 5th Annual Firefly Ball charity event, on July 26th.  The much anticipated annual event benefits Off The Street Club’s (OTSC) Save our Summer (SOS) initiative which aims to send children from the west side of Chicago to summer camp to get them away from the drugs and gangs that plague their neighborhood. For every $500 raised, one child is sent to Camp Mathieu in Wheaton, IL–a beautifully wooded 30 acres just outside of Chicago. Their goal is to send 600 children.

In addition to their platinum sponsorship, closerlook contributed their time, talent and a good deal of levity to the event. Mary Fearn, closerlook Art Director and the Firefly Ball event chair, commented. “When the threat is so real, it's hard to think any one of us can make a difference, but we can. Ralph Campagna, who runs the club, often says that the kids come to us convinced that gangs run their world and the volunteers, sponsors and donors together are able to help bring a glimmer of joy to the kids—that is their birthright. At the club, we feel that if we can set one good example, do one good thing, save one kid that summer, then it disproves the lie that there is no hope. The Firefly Ball was just that, and closerlook came together in a way only our family can, to help make that happen.”

David Ormesher, CEO of closerlook, spoke briefly at the event. “There are people and organizations that have a unique ability to address critical issues head-on, and Off the Street Club is doing just that. They are changing the lives of hundreds of young people, and we want to be a part of that story.”

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