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Built In Chicago features closerlook Art Director

Builtin Chicago - July 2019

Beauty and the business: closerlook Art Director Saki Rizwana

In today’s world of tech, visual appeal is just as important as back-end efficiency. Who wants to use a product that’s ugly to look at or clunky to use? That’s where the trained eyes and professional skills of designers and UX strategists come in. They shape a company’s raw technical output into a shining finished product that’s as beautiful as it is intuitive. We spoke to authorities on appeal and usability at four Chicago tech companies to learn more about what got them interested in their field, and which project they’ve taken pride in lately.

Pharmaceutical brands leverage closerlook’s platform to enhance their communications with customers and industry pros through tools like data collection, marketing and interactive web design. Art Director Saki Rizwana said she recently helped work on a complicated project in which collaboration with team members of difference experience levels was the key to success.

How and why did you get into the field of UX and design?

I fell into design in college, as it allowed me to be creative and make use of the traditional art techniques I'd been cultivating in high school. Since then, I've realized that design as a discipline aligns with my desire to use critical thinking and problem solving in my work. Every design project is an opportunity to solve a unique problem and I love rising to meet that challenge.

Tell us about the most successful UX design project you’ve been a part of, and what made it successful?

I was recently part of a team that launched a disease-state awareness site. The project was challenging as it was my first experience with a launch that needed to follow pharmaceutical medical, regulatory and legal guidelines. In building the story for the patient and healthcare professional pages, the team and I faced a lot of challenges in visualizing a complicated process and making it easy to digest. What made this project really successful, in my opinion, was that we had a great mix of seasoned vets who were willing to share their knowledge with more green folks like myself who were eager to learn, and that collaboration produced something none of us could have thought to create in a silo.


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