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Key Questions About HCP Engagement and Education in 2019

PM360 - May 2019

Pete Clancy, VP, Pharma Marketing Strategy, shares how strategies must change to connect and meaningfully engage with HCPs in the latest edition from PM360

"As pharma marketers, we have always strived to present our brands in the most relevant context possible in order to position our solutions for the right patients, to the right customers, at the right time. But as individual providers have seen their distinct decision-making power erode in place of larger entities such as IDNs and ACOs, we must change our focus. And while the individual has seeded some autonomy to these larger groups, the search for relevance need not change.

Comparable effectiveness and valued-based medicine are the order of the day. While placebo controlled “safety and efficacy” endpoints may be okay for the FDA, increasingly powerful decision makers are looking for new endpoints—ones that place our products in a broader context. Population health management, patient satisfaction, and value-based outcomes are the new “safety and efficacy” for decision makers. Not everyone will have these data points built into their clinical profiles, but work with your medical teams, your KOLs, and your agencies to find the right context in which to present your products. There is always a way to be relevant. Just understand your customers’ needs are changing, therefore your approach must too."

Read the full article here: Four Key Questions About HCP Engagement and Education in 2019

Pete Clancy
Vice President, Pharma Marketing Strategy


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