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PM360 Features closerlook VP, Managing Director Chris Abtahi

PM360 - April 2019

VP, Managing Director Chris Abtahi gives his perspectives on changes impacting pharma's relationship with payers in the latest issue from PM360.

"The industry has experienced multiple pendulum swings in the past. In the process, marginal changes occurred with the expectation that business will revert back to “normal,” in which pricing remains elastic and drug rebates buy formulary access. This time around, I believe the change the market is experiencing will be around longer as stakeholders (i.e., payers, providers, health systems, pharmacists) embrace a total cost-of-care approach and select pharmaceuticals that offer a value proposition with a true partnership model through clinically relevant resources, data, insights and, most importantly, improvements in health outcomes.

Pharma is becoming more thoughtful about prospective outcomes data and total cost budgetary impact. Brand marketers should embrace risk-share models and must provide meaningful clinical support tools that help with diagnosis, treatment, and patient follow-ups rather than simply looking to drive Rx volume. Additionally, the CMS threat to change the status of Part D plans to cover the six classes (i.e., anticonvulsants, antidepressants, antineoplastics, antipsychotics, antiretrovirals, and immunosuppressants) may remove the access protection that brands have enjoyed. Brands will need to translate value specifically as it pertains to the Part D population or be forced to a lower price point."

Read the full article here: Four Key Questions About Payer Strategies in 2019

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