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closerlook Brings on Dan Levengood to Boost Project Delivery and Accelerate Aggressive Agency Growth

August 2019

Chicago, Ill., August 30, 2019—Lead agency closerlook, inc., is aiming for aggressive growth with the addition of Dan Levengood to head its project delivery team. Levengood’s broad skillset and passion for efficiency, strengthened by more than 15 years in the industry, will bolster closerlook’s creative culture by helping to further streamline production. According to Levengood, one of his main objectives is to foster the team’s sense of craft and rigor, encouraging novel thinking and innovation.

“By strengthening our creative and analytic processes, we’ll be able to work more efficiently and deliver work that will ultimately exceed our clients’ expectations,” Levengood said.


Reinforcing the agency’s Agile-based strategy is core to Levengood’s content delivery plan, as it will allow for an adaptive development cycle suited to the digital age. His experience in creating effective fixed-time, fixed-price projects will lead to better estimates and more efficient productions.

Before moving to closerlook, Levengood most recently worked with Team DDB (via Critical Mass), an agency where he handled digital media delivery for its multibillion-dollar U.S. Army account. The list of agencies he’s worked with includes Razorfish, DDB and a mixture of organizations large and small.

“Dan comes to us with a wealth of project delivery experience in PR, experiential marketing, data science, CRM and traditional advertising,” said Steve Tulk, CTO at closerlook. “He’ll continue to elevate our ability to deliver work more effectively while leading the project delivery teams.”

According to Levengood, the diversity of his career was the result of him attempting to continually challenge himself, learning new techniques while hardening his core skillset. His breadth of experience lends him the ability to look at problems from multiple angles to foresee potential project setbacks and organize teams accordingly.

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