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Imerman Angels: Caring for cancer patients through relationship building

Jonny Imerman, Founder


Making Connections

A Passion to Serve

At 26 years old, Jonny Imerman was diagnosed with testicular cancer. During his fight for his life, Jonny was lucky enough to have loving support from his family and friends but still felt like there was a level of support he was missing.

He was looking for someone just like him, someone who truly understood his experience.

This was the beginning of Jonny’s vision to connect cancer fighters with people who have had the same type of cancer and could provide support based on their previous experiences.

In 2003, it became a reality when he founded Imerman Angels, a nonprofit dedicated to providing community, inspiration, and awareness for cancer fighters and their caregivers.


Awareness is the answer


The holidays are a time of giving to others, something Imerman Angels believes in passionately all year round. Their cancer survivors give their time and energy, connecting with cancer fighters at any time of the day or night to encourage them and lend emotional support.

We sat down with Jonny to hear his thoughts on how connection and awareness can affect the lives of cancer patients. 

“Cancer can be an isolating disease. Your body changes overnight, and suddenly you have all these doctor’s appointments and treatment plans you have to stick to. Some cancer fighters are fortunate enough to have a support system of friends and family, but even they can have trouble understanding the toll the disease takes on the fighter.

That’s why our goal is to hook you up with someone one-to-one who’s “walked the walk.” That’s the beauty of our network. It works because we have a team and we're only powerful and strong because everybody cares.

The biggest challenge is awareness. Somebody might go through cancer and be terrified and have children and be nervous that they may grow up without a parent. At Imerman Angels, we are huge believers that awareness is always the driver. We’ve seen countless ways that these one-on-one connections have sparked lasting relationships, and increased awareness within the cancer community that those fighting it are not fighting alone."

Imerman Angels

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closerlook is proud to make a donation to Imerman Angels. Learn more about how you can help them support cancer patients.

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