2018 Holidays

The Perfect Cadence: Providing celebrations for families in need of baby supplies

George and Suheily Davis, Founders

In July of 2014,  Suheily was 8 ½ months pregnant with her daughter, Cadence. Suheily and her husband, George, had two incredible baby showers thrown by friends and family. They were truly grateful and humbled by the love everyone had for a girl they hadn’t even met yet.

Less than a week later, they learned that Cadence’s heart suddenly stopped beating.

George and Suheily were heartbroken, but they were comforted by the knowledge that Cadence was deeply loved even before she entered the world. They wanted to spread that love around to other families who were about to give birth, so they looked for ways to donate all the shower gifts they had received. And so, The Perfect Cadence was born through word of mouth and social media posts.

Today, The Perfect Cadence provides baby showers for families in need of support and/or resources.


Leading with Kindness


Through their work with The Perfect Cadence, George and Suheily have found other ways to give back to those in need. Especially during the holidays, they encourage others to practice compassion in small ways to make a big impact on the people in their community.


Small Steps, Big Impact

Filling Needs

Spread Love


We spoke to George and Suheily about the simple ways they support the people around them. 

"When we talk to people about helping others, it comes down to supporting something, even if it isn’t The Perfect Cadence. So many people and organizations are trying to make somebody’s world better.

People think you need to perform some grand gesture to show your support. We felt that desire when we started The Perfect Cadence. But sometimes for us, it’s as simple as waking up on a Sunday morning and taking boxes of diapers, a mattress, or a diaper bag to somebody in need and sitting with them.

It’s important to look at the simple things you do for others as an opportunity to support them. Whether it’s donating a coat to someone or just treating a coworker to a cup of coffee. You have all you need to make an impact already inside you. If you start from that premise, then we could probably accomplish a lot.

The Perfect Cadence

Get involved

closerlook is proud to make a donation to The Perfect Cadence. Learn more about how you can help them support growing families.

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