Backstage® Relationship Marketing Technology Suite

Manage your relationship marketing efforts with data-driven insight and action.

Not all data are the same.

Increasing amounts of data are collected and analyzed throughout a brand’s relationship with its customers. Backstage® collects, organizes, manages and shares these data through campaign and reporting tools that reveal unique intelligence to inform smarter healthcare marketing strategies. The Backstage® RM Technology Suite includes Backstage® CRM Platform, Backstage® Web Solution, Backstage® Rep Connect and Backstage® Duet—offerings that can be deployed independently, or together for even greater effect.

Our proprietary technology platform

Backstage logo incorporated into a simplified flow chart demonstrating the paths of data between touch points.

Since 2000, closerlook has been deploying our clients’ relationship marketing campaigns on Backstage®, our custom-built, proprietary relationship-marketing platform for the healthcare industry. This platform lets us more quickly deploy solutions that integrate data from multiple channels and enables our clients to generate insight once all the data are gathered in a single location. Over the years, we have developed services and functionality for the platform and seamlessly integrated third-party data into Backstage®.

Backstage® CRM gathers, organizes and distributes the data that fuels marketing activities

Backstage® CRM is a relationship-marketing platform that includes several key tools and services set around a centralized relationship-marketing database. It can receive many different types of HCP data, such as prescribing behavior, website activity, survey results and conference attendance. It gathers, organizes and distributes the marketing data that fuels our clients’ marketing activities.

What does Backstage® CRM look like?

  • Centralized marketing database

    Our database stores data about prescribing behavior, marketing and sales force interactions, and demographics, all of which combine to give as complete a picture of each customer as possible.

  • Data quality services

    As data comes into the marketing database, processes “clean up” the data. These services ensure that data are in the most effective format to be used for marketing initiatives and analysis.

  • Secure data exchange

    The customer data we collect are incredibly valuable. Backstage® CRM provides a protected connection between the marketing database and any outside vendor that needs to access it.

  • Campaign planning and messaging tool

    The Marketo® messaging platform powers the campaign management aspect of Backstage® CRM and enables our clients to group and target their customers, send customized messages to them and automate and manage large-scale campaigns.

  • Reporting interface

    As part of Backstage® CRM, closerlook also offers a reporting interface built on the Tableau® platform. We build interactive dashboards that allow our clients to actually see their customers’ behavior and make data-driven decisions.

Backstage® Web allows robust relationship-marketing enabled HCP websites to be deployed quickly and affordably

Our fully featured website framework can be customized and deployed on a client-by-client basis. Backstage® Web offers powerful data integration with Backstage® CRM, and can also be integrated with other marketing platforms.

  • Registration and verification

  • User management

  • Personalized content

  • Acquisition and solicitation

  • eLearning

  • Sample requests

  • Formulary tool

  • Surveys

  • Usage tracking

  • Savings calculators

Backstage® Duet enables smarter marketing campaigns

Aggregating and analyzing pharma-specific, multichannel insight is essential for optimizing marketing campaigns. That’s why we developed Backstage® Duet. As a cloud-based insight discovery and marketing intelligence application, Duet helps marketers gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and see specifically what marketing initiatives are making the most impact.

Designed to evolve with your needs

A key differentiator of Backstage® is that it is designed and developed to support advances in technology. We regularly assess our current platform and how the technology stacks up to other solutions in the marketplace. Instead of building a rigid platform that’s over-stuffed with bells and whistles, we designed Backstage® in a modular fashion that can accommodate the best emerging technologies atop a core CRM database. This approach ensures that no single component of the platform is lacking in features.

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    Rally sales and marketing around insight based on customers’ attitudes and actions.

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  • Interactive articles

    Interpreting brand messages in ways that feel new and generate customer insights.

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  • BrandPro websites

    Communicate with healthcare professionals through a central content and service hub.

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