Interactive Sales Aids

Customize the individual healthcare professional’s experience of brand content.

Not all customers want the same story

A majority of current sales tools used to expose healthcare professionals to core brand messaging are built around static, linear brand communication. While more sales aids are emerging in digital formats, many still lack a true sensitivity to the individual healthcare professional and his or her relationship with a brand. At closerlook, we make interactive sales aids (ISAs) that enrich the experience of individual customers and yield valuable insight to our clients in the process.

Optistavin on iPadOptistavin on iPad

We make smarter ISAs

We know ISAs need to be designed for immediate absorption and effortless presentation. The linear “page-by-page” approach of most traditional ISAs doesn’t effectively accomplish these goals. Smarter ISAs deliver core messaging that can adapt to the different knowledge needs of various segments of the healthcare professional audience, and return valuable insight to the brand.

Through strategy and collaboration across our own competencies, we design interactive ISAs targeted to customer segments that deliver messaging and gather data on each healthcare professional’s responses and reactions. We design story paths for Sales Representatives to take during sales calls that can be adjusted and tailored to an individual healthcare professional by the swipe of a finger.

Smarter conversation

Smarter messaging

  • Personalized messaging based on the individual HCP
  • One-stop overview screens that summarize key benefits

Smarter tracking

Many ISAs are simply presentations. We take advantage of the medium and create ISAs designed to not just present your message, but track customer reactions to it. Tracking of message exposure and healthcare professional response is even broader when ISAs pair with our Backstage® Rep Connect.

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