Backstage® Duet

Uncover insight about campaign, channel and message performance down to individual customer behavior.

A data revolution for pharma

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in data collection. But what comes next? Collecting data is one thing—making sense of it is another. What good is data if marketers can’t easily understand and use it to create better campaigns?

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Enter Backstage® Duet

Backstage® Duet is a cloud-based insight discovery and marketing intelligence application that helps marketers gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and marketing performance. Customer and campaign-level information across all channels is made available, allowing clients to get a 360-degree view of HCP targets and apply metrics to optimize campaign management.

A modular approach to campaign optimization

Backstage® Duet’s primary functions are spread across seven modules—each helps clients uncover insights from all the rich data being collected and execute an effective, data-driven plan from a campaign’s earliest planning stages to its conclusion, and at every step along the way.

  • Find the right audience. Fast.

    The Seek module makes any customer attribute or activity available to quickly determine audience size, makeup, and performance. Users can find, filter, and export highly targeted HCP segments or audiences.

  • Get an extensive view into HCPs

    With the Deep Seek module, users can perform a deep exploration into an individual HCP’s attributes, like the healthcare landscape in that HCP’s area or even their practice population census data.

  • Analyze channel performance

    The Channel module provides a high-level summary of campaigns, associated KPIs, and a measurement of channel performance. All multichannel data can be pulled to better determine optimal allocation of marketing resources.

  • Reveal the most impactful messaging

    The Message module allows clients to see how specific message categories are performing across channels and if messaging is having a demonstrable effect on prescribing behavior.

  • Predict outcomes before you launch

    The Scenario module utilizes machine learning to predict how a campaign might perform for a segment or audience and help determine if it’s a wise expenditure before marketing dollars are spent.

  • At-a-glance simplicity for a brand

    The Brand module exposes a brand’s KPIs in a single view, offering a high-level overview of a brand’s marketing effectiveness against industry benchmarks and configurable goals.

  • Text summaries of important data

    The Blurb module provides summaries that explain data visualizations and reports in plain English that can be made available via digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa.

Simplify complex calculations into a single score

With all the data available on a given HCP, the ability to determine how that individual engages with a brand is an impossible task. Looking at every angle to determine influence, engagement, potential, and overall brand effectiveness is a job best suited for machine learning.

Duet takes all those inputs and creates barometers based on those four key indexes so clients can, at a glance, understand how an individual, segment, or brand is trending and make better marketing decisions.

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