Backstage® Rep Connect

Rally sales and marketing around insight based on customers’ attitudes and actions.

There’s a disconnect between sales and marketing

The majority of current technology available to sales and marketing teams does little to promote awareness and coordinate efforts. A cycle of needless tension and inefficiency often happens as a result.

Sales Representatives miss key opportunities on sales calls.

Marketing efforts are wasted when the sales force is under-informed.

Accessible insight. When you need it.

We offer insight exchange built on data integration services that effectively open the lines of communication and information sharing between sales and marketing in real time. Information from an HCP customer database is communicated to Sales Representatives, while information about interactions with customers in the field is fed back to the central customer database. At the center of this data integration is Backstage® CRM, our centralized relationship-marketing platform that houses, protects, processes and dispenses all HCP data.

Veeva/iRep integration

As a Veeva-approved Content Provider partner, closerlook enhances the iRep Timeline by using Backstage® Rep Connect to import marketing data from the Backstage® CRM Platform. This gives Sales Representatives valuable context related to a customer’s marketing engagements and enables more informed personal and non-personal communication across all platforms.

Centralized, customer-level data

Backstage® Rep Connect sends detailed information to the sales force about how individual customers are engaging with marketing activities.

Accessed directly through Veeva/iRep

Working seamlessly with iRep Timeline, Backstage® Rep Connect keeps Sales Representatives updated on the history and variety of a customer’s interaction with the brand.

Reveals the full picture

Consolidating the marketing data in one place creates a more informed sales force that is better equipped to have relevant discussions with its customers.

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