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Our relationship marketing-enabled websites centralize promotional content and tailor its presentation for multiple audiences.

Most healthcare professional websites are one-dimensional

Static content doesn’t benefit customers for very long. The web is full of isolated, one-off promotional websites—it’s a graveyard for nearsighted marketing campaigns. Many websites draw attention for a short amount of time, but lack a long-term strategy focused on bringing customers back for more. These kinds of websites share some common pitfalls:

  • Same generic messaging for all audiences
  • Content isolation—no connection to other marketing channels
  • Little attention paid to content experience on multiple devices

How our BrandPro websites work

Unique, customized messaging

We think customized content experiences are more effective. Healthcare professionals respond to the right message delivered at the right time—our websites enable marketers to drive users to relevant content based on insight gleaned from each user’s adoption level or identified segment.

Our websites deliver key promotional messages to our clients’ general audiences, but don’t stop there. They also offer exclusive, value-added content in a gated members section.

Stylize flow chart of various marketing channels leading to the web: e-mail, print mail, sales rep/ISA, speaker program, conferences, etc

Purposefully integrated marketing channels

Our websites are designed to serve as a connecting hub for separate channels of communication—marketing efforts both online and off—and help them work together.

Montage of website screenshots on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Responsive, consistent content experience

More healthcare professionals access content on tablets and mobile devices. Our BrandPro websites maintain a consistent user experience across a range of screen sizes, meeting physicians right where they are.

Stylized chart depicting External data, Campaign database, and messaging automation

Available support from a feature-rich, rapidly deployable platform

Our clients save time getting their websites off the ground thanks to our Backstage® Web Solution, which offers a wide range of relationship-marketing-based features, including healthcare professional registration/verification, sample requests and surveys—which, if built from scratch, would cost thousands of dollars and months of development.

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    Manage your relationship marketing efforts with data-driven insight and action.

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  • Target Clarity® healthcare professional adoption analysis

    Use selective targeting to design more personalized, effective and efficient campaigns.

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  • DiseaseStatePro educational websites

    Engage HCPs in an educational context.

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