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Creating content that HCPs value in ways that showcase a brand’s messages

Brand content can get stale over time

Healthcare professionals want new, relevant content, and they want it now. When content does not evolve over the lifetime of a brand, it can get stale and lead to customer disinterest and disengagement. And that’s when pharmaceutical marketers often find themselves “stuck” with their brand messages and claims, viewing their product’s label as a barrier to continued engagement with their customers. Without a label update, brand content can get stale over time and lead to customer disinterest and disengagement.

Telling stories in new ways for continued engagement

Interactive articles draw healthcare professionals in by uniting different kinds of media to tell your story. Each creative element plays an important role in presenting key messages while giving HCPs opportunities to stop and interact. And each article is structured to accommodate different levels of interest and preferences for engagement.

Generate message-level insight

We don’t just track user exposure to brand messaging—we track engagement. Our interactive articles enable marketers to better understand and individual healthcare professionals’ specific behaviors and preferences related to each message, across multiple channels. This, in turn, supports more efficient and effective marketing decisions in the future.

Interactive article on mobile phone

Make use of content in more effective ways

We create interactive articles that turn approved brand messages into engaging experiences that healthcare professionals will find both relevant and convenient.

Accommodate their schedules

Key messages are prominently displayed so customers can quickly find what they’re interested in and explore more when they have time.

Make content easy to access

Interactive articles live inside a responsive framework, which ensures a highly compelling experience across a range of screen sizes.

Drive customers to key messages

Marketers can easily drive HCPs to interactive articles through a variety of tactics and media.

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