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Binish Khan tapped to lead a team in growing interactive technology competency

Leading a team of engineers requires a unique combination of skills. Digital-native agency closerlook, inc., has promoted Binish Khan as its associate director of interactive technology because of her technical knowledge, excellent leadership skills and her ability to foster a community of empathy and collaboration unique to the tech space. 

“Binish Khan has a natural, technical intuition that is full of curiosity and great technical strategies,” said chief technology officer Steve Tulk. “But I think the most valuable skills that she brings to the agency are her collaboration, communication and empathy. Her ability to listen to her team and encourage them to go the extra mile is what sets her apart from most in the technical field. Our experience has shown that highly motivated employees produce higher quality work.”

Khan will be managing a team of seven software engineers and is responsible for all software developed at closerlook, ensuring that products are created and executed accurately and effectively. She is also charged with developing the agency’s technical standards and in choosing the technology tools and platforms the agency uses.

“closerlook has grown significantly in recent years,” said Khan. “My favorite part of working for the agency is in is watching our interactive team grow professionally, not just with their programming skills but also with their ability to collaborate with others to ensure that we are accomplishing client goals.” 

Khan first joined closerlook in 2015 and left a few years later for a new opportunity that expanded her leadership skills. She returned in 2018 as interactive lead manager. Khan has previously worked as a software engineer at digital marketing agency Rise Interactive and as a freelance web designer and front-end developer. Khan is actively involved in the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association and has served as the association’s director of interactive for the past four years.

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