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Brand Stewards: Creating an omnichannel experience for HCPs and patients

Creating a platform to support patients and HCPs is more important than ever for brand managers. With many reps still restricted from making office visits, brand managers need to create alternative journeys to promote the company as well as individual brands.

CEO David Ormesher joined PharmaVOICE’s Taren Grom, GSK’s Ryan Billings and Eyevance Pharmaceutical’s Mario Nacinovich to discuss the omnichannel experience as part of the PharmaVOICE 100 Celebration.

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Dr. Robot-AI and deep machine learning

CEO David Ormesher discusses how AI and deep machine learning will play an increasingly more important role in the healthcare ecosystem.

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How patient services are redefining the patient relationship

For pharma leadership trying to define “digital transformation,” I would suggest that marketing is a great place to start the journey.

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Restoring Growth

Since mid-March, biopharma marketers have scrambled to balance the need to protect their employees, especially their field sales force, while maintaining some semblance of relevant share of voice in the market.

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