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closerlook partners with argenx and well-known filmmaker to generate awareness about myasthenia gravis

In an effort to help argenx, a global immunology company, increase awareness about myasthenia gravis (MG), digital-native agency closerlook, inc. has teamed up with well-known director/cinematographer Ben Strang to create a docuseries about three patient perspectives. “A Mystery to Me” recently premiered on, a site closerlook designed.

“The docuseries was the result of a close collaboration between argenx, the film production company and our team,” said Ryan Mason, chief strategy officer for closerlook. “We wanted to tell a unique narrative about what living with MG is like. Patients told us they feel unseen, unheard and misunderstood—in many ways invisible. ‘A Mystery to Me’ is a beautiful and emotionally resonant series of stories that helps build awareness, understanding and empathy.”

closerlook was tasked with bringing an unprecedented idea to argenx to help them connect with and support the MG community, at which point the documentary became an integral component of a comprehensive, omnichannel campaign. Rebecca McLeod, VP, Global Marketing at argenx, endorsed the plan, which quickly went into production earlier this year.

“Patients in the MG community have a strong resolve to solve their own problems,” noted McLeod. “They want the world to know that they have no plans to stay in the shadows and not be heard. This docuseries brings awareness to their condition, recognizes the challenges they face and most importantly, celebrates their courage.”

In partnership with argenx and closerlook, the patient stories were shot by production company Sarofsky and its award-winning director Ben Strang. Sarofsky is known in the commercial and entertainment fields for its high-profile ad campaigns and title sequences for Marvel Studios blockbusters. It also produces high quality short films. Strang has built a reputation for his unique approach to storytelling. He is the director of a widely acclaimed short film, “Beast,” which was selected as the 2018 SXSW Film Festival – Grand Jury Award for Independent Episodics.

“A Mystery to Me” was produced in association with Kartemquin Films and Museum + Crane. The docuseries takes viewers on a journey through the personal experiences of three patients with MG and reveals the hidden toll this unpredictable illness takes on people who live with it every day. There is no cure for MG and there are approximately 65,000 cases in the U.S.1-7 One unique feature about the docuseries is that it was entirely shot during the COVID-19 pandemic by the patients themselves. Strang and the production crew interacted with the patients via Zoom and phone to ensure that no one’s health was jeopardized.

“A Mystery to Me” was shown to over 2100 attendees at the virtual premiere event. To help viewers feel as if they were attending a movie release, the event included interviews on a red carpet, an interactive movie poster and featured artists from the MG community. The CEO for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America welcomed attendees. Green Bay Packers running back Dexter Williams also shared a message about what the docuseries means for the community and of his role as a caregiver for his mother, who has MG.

“Attendees were thrilled with the films’ premiere,” said Mason. “There was an outpouring of support and excitement. Everyone involved in the creation of this docuseries frankly were humbled by the response. Many people reacted to the stories by telling their own stories about MG. Campaigns like this is how word spreads. How empathy grows. How change happens.”

“A Mystery to Me” can be viewed on MG United is a digital engagement platform that provides resources for patients and caregivers who are affected by this condition and was created with, and specifically for, the MG community. For those who have been diagnosed with MG, the site offers daily living suggestions, such as how to talk to family members about MG, easy-to-follow recipes and self-care tips.


argenx is a global immunology company committed to improving the lives of people suffering from severe autoimmune diseases and cancer. argenx has the goal of translating immunology discoveries into potential new medicines. argenx has offices in Belgium, the United States and Japan. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn at



closerlook, inc. is an award winning, digital-native marketing agency focused on what matters most – the combination of better patient outcomes and greater business impact. closerlook, inc. has built a reputation for applying AI-driven insights to its omnichannel strategies, creative campaigns, digital marketing programs and advanced analytical solutions.



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