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The Cambridge Analytica Mess: What does it mean for Pharma?

Pharma marketing increasingly lives in a world of data. What happens in the world of Facebook cannot be ignored.

The CVS & Aetna Merger - Four Key Observations

This merger will provide an environment for new business models to emerge and new ways healthcare will be practiced and delivered in the US.

Three lessons on effective marketing metrics

Find out how metrics reporting can help shape multichannel marketing decisions and investments.

Value Extraction – Mining for Gold in Late-Stage Products

The long tail of data – techniques for turning old pharma products into productive assets

How to use data to capture value in pharma

During the commercialization phase, the purpose of data is to build trust. Trust and respect for the pharma brand are the ultimate benefits of data-enabled personalization and engagement, and are the leading qualitative indicators of acceptance and growth at launch.

Value creation powered by data

To be meaningful, pharma value must be about more than drug prices... value must be embedded in every aspect of the patient and provider experience.

Pharma digital marketing: Will it scale?

The piloting of digital tools in pharma marketing, operations and R&D has been pervasive. But full implementation of digital in pharma marketing hasn’t happened yet.

Four unique strategies for data in pharma

A significant share of our business focuses on data. We build and manage marketing data analytics and reporting platforms for pharmaceutical brand leaders.

Three questions data should answer for successful pharma marketing

At the heart of the matter, all this activity focuses on answering three basic questions about our healthcare audience: Who cares? What do they care about? And when do they need to know?

Building a master data vortex for pharma

What is needed today is continuous monitoring of our market and our customers and comprehensive reporting across every customer touch point. And to do that, we need a single centralized master database.

The drugs, Optistavin, Easovartis and Librylin, and names, results, case studies and specific information, referenced in this advertisement are fictional and were created solely for illustrating the digital marketing capabilities of closerlook, inc. Any resemblance to actual drugs, medications, treatments, persons, living or dead, or to actual events, is purely coincidental. closerlook, inc. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by such party’s reliance on the fictitious information contained in this illustration.

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