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CL Takes SXSW - Day 5

Healthy food, ride-sharing for good and trade-free chocolate

CL Takes SXSW - Day 4

Science of Metrics, Housing for Better Health and Innovation in Pursuit for the Unexpected

CL Takes SXSW - Day 3

Art of Negotiation, Product Development, Lessons from Retail Marketing and Mass Meditation

CL Takes SXSW - Day 2

Emotional vs Rational Marketing, Open Source Technology, Improving Culture at Work

CL Takes SXSW - Day 1

First dose of AI, Machine Learning + Power of Human Interaction

We are in the hope business

We need to clearly and compassionately tell the patient story in all of its frustration, confusion, anger, and faith. Its grit. Hope.

Cannes Lions Festival: Celebrating Creativity Technology and the Ultimate Challenge

Cannes is a great place to get a sense for the latest trends and priorities in the marketing landscape.

Three lessons on effective marketing metrics

Find out how metrics reporting can help shape multichannel marketing decisions and investments.

Lessons on Leadership from the 2017 Race to Mackinac Island

What does a grueling 53-hour sailing race and the daily challenges of building a digital company have in common? Actually, quite a bit.

How to use data to capture value in pharma

During the commercialization phase, the purpose of data is to build trust. Trust and respect for the pharma brand are the ultimate benefits of data-enabled personalization and engagement, and are the leading qualitative indicators of acceptance and growth at launch.

Pharma's digital transformation should start with marketing

Digital allows pharma companies to quickly test and revise promotion tactics in the marketplace to create more wide-reaching and successful campaigns.

What’s the difference between customer insight and customer intelligence?

Knowing the different between insight and decision-support is important when setting expectations with internal teams and with external agencies.

Filling the digital gap for pharma

Whenever there is a major paradigm shift in business, there is both a capability and a capacity gap. Rarely do companies have the right people, and enough of them, to fulfill the demands of a new business environment.

Marketing technology for pharma

An overview of some of today’s most talked about tech

What's your next move?

Get ahead of the current shift in pharma marketing by promoting not just the product, but patient outcomes.

Is there substance behind your style?

iPads alone cannot complete your closed-loop strategy.

Make every move count

Approach physician marketing from a CRM perspective.

Are you seeing the whole picture?

Gain insight and clarity through physician CRM.

The drugs, Optistavin, Easovartis and Librylin, and names, results, case studies and specific information, referenced in this advertisement are fictional and were created solely for illustrating the digital marketing capabilities of closerlook, inc. Any resemblance to actual drugs, medications, treatments, persons, living or dead, or to actual events, is purely coincidental. closerlook, inc. does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss, damage or disruption caused by such party’s reliance on the fictitious information contained in this illustration.

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