Make every move count®

Turn data into insight. Identify customers with untapped potential. Integrate your disparate marketing tactics into an omnichannel strategy. Deliver the most relevant messages to each customer. Our marketing intelligence products and services, as well as our staff of data scientists, analysts and strategists, work to distill customer intelligence into campaigns that deliver growth. 


Backstage Intelligence is our proprietary cloud-based insight discovery and marketing intelligence application, serving as the platform for an entire suite of software tools that help marketers gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and campaign performance. Backstage® Intelligence both complements and integrates with existing customer systems such as Veeva, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Salesforce and more.

Customer and campaign-level information across all channels, including prescribing data, website activity, media results, email responses and third-party data, are consolidated in a centralized marketing database.

Using machine learning, Backstage® Intelligence provides a 360-degree view of your most important targets, including their interests, attitudes, personality and digital activity. Our data scientists and strategists are here to help you transform those insights into custom intelligence for your brand.

Omnichannel Marketing Reporting

Marketers need access to clear, actionable information to drive good decisions. Currently, much HCP and patient reporting is siloed and broken across different channels and agencies. This means there’s no way to get a clear view of your multichannel marketing efforts. Our MCM Reporting tool brings together all this information to deliver actionable insights to drive better marketing decisions.

HCP Digital Playbook

The HCP Digital Playbook is closerlook’s digital marketing guide, rooted in years of experience in designing and implementing successful digital strategies. Its best practices and marketing insights are supported by data collected at the intersection of customers, tactics and brands.

Target Clarity®

Target Clarity® offers insight into the capacity of individual healthcare professionals to prescribe a particular product—whether they have reached their full prescribing potential or have room to grow. Target Clarity® places targets in distinct groups based on personality types, marketing preferences, brand preferences and demographic factors.

This strategic insight enables marketers and sales representatives to use selective targeting to design more effective, efficient campaigns and more robust sales call plans. 

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