Achieving Post Launch Success

A digital-first approach to identifying new areas for growth

Two years ago, your brand was the “shiny penny”, the talk of the town, the new kid on the block. Momentum was generated at launch, however, sales growth has slowed, while leadership seeks continued growth. The traditional marketing playbook worked … until now.

You are experiencing the slowing of growth and your customers feel it too. COVID-19 is is accelerating digital transformation within pharma organizations:

Collage of digital tactics for healthcare professionals

69 percent of physicians are employing websites to supplement traditional face to face meetings

Collage of digital tactics for healthcare professionals

Average biopharma HCP web traffic is up by 6.5 percent with some resources sites seeing week-over-week jumps of 93 percent in new users and even greater jumps in online sample requests

Collage of digital tactics for healthcare professionals

Approximately 75 percent of doctors said they increased their use of digital resources

In order to find new growth and new ways to engage their customers marketers have had to pivot—quickly addressing global pandemic effects on the industry, forcing organizations to take a digital-first approach. Before this seismic shift, digital was included in the promotional mix, but not an area of focus. 2020 will forever change how we engage our customers and grow our brands.

So it is with a renewed sense of urgency that closerlook recommits to our long practiced focus – better patient outcomes and bigger business impact for the brand. The keys to each lie at your feet. A quick, strategic, and painless pivot to get your solutions into the hands of more HCPs to affect positive patient outcomes.


Greater digital relevance, greater engagement

Collage of digital tactics for healthcare professionals Collage of digital tactics for healthcare professionals

Benefits to partnering

We mine your existing data and act



Build a foundation of data that increases the value of interactions your sales team has with their customers

Understanding HCPs

Help understand where HCPs are on their stage of adoption of your product


Gain HCP and patient trust by delivering relevant information when it’s needed most.


Deliver personalized communication based on customers wants and needs

New Growth

Help identify new areas for growth where sales have not materialized

Institutional insight

Generate consequential customer insight for future product launches and activities

The Value we Bring

A Fresh Perspective

Now is the time to do something different, smarter and dynamic. If you think so too, then we may be the partner you’re looking for. We guarantee a fresh perspective on your business through the development of a multichannel marketing strategy based on customer data and insight, that you can execute quickly to sustain brand growth.

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