Revitalizing Growth

How mature brands use data to drink from the Fountain of Youth

You know the typical pharma lifecycle well: Huge value and growth in youth. Maintain health and vitality in maturity. Declining resources, strength, and opportunities in the late stages.

But there’s another way to sustain growth.

And you’re already armed with the key—years of product, patient, and customer data to transform your story.

In legendary Fountain of Youth tales, a seeker journeys to the mythical spring of a hidden and secret water source. Bathing in or drinking from the magical water gifts life past 100 and remedies aging —bringing back charm, appeal and vitality. The transformation introduces the hero to people and places she hadn’t envisioned. Like the seeker, renewed energy and interest can be your brand’s story too.

How brand achieve growth The formula to generate growth

Doing more with less

We identify new growth avenues

Driving revenue with reduced promotional support

Utilizing digital to augment decreased facetime with HCPs

Starting conversations by uncovering novel, relevant content

Unearthing opportunities for positive patient outcomes

Generating meaningful insights to support your next product launch

Highlighted work

Turning around revenue for a late stage product

We used an advanced analytical approach to fuel growth for a mature brand.

The Value we Bring

A Fresh Perspective

Now is the time to do something different, smarter and dynamic. If you think so too, then we may be the partner you’re looking for. We guarantee a fresh perspective on your business through the development of a multichannel marketing strategy based on customer data and insight, that you can execute quickly to sustain brand growth.

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