Who we are

We are digital marketers for biopharma. Full stop.

Our core focus

We are an analytics-driven digital marketing agency serving biopharma brands.

We create specialized omnichannel marketing programs that drive demand and sustain customer loyalty.

We focus on what matters most—better outcomes for patients and greater business impact for the brands that serve them.

Our core values

At closerlook, we prize people who:

Own the business.

You feel a real stake in the success of our clients. You demonstrate responsibility and accountability for both our client’s and closerlook’s growth.

Invest in excellence.

You display your commitment to developing a world-class craft by personally investing in the continuous improvement of your skills and knowledge. You recognize the power of diversity and inclusion to unlock creativity.

Run toward problems.

You know that if the problem was easy to solve, it would have been solved by someone else. You don’t wait for perfect information to begin working the issue.

Play for the team.

You demonstrate an uncompromising sense of positive urgency to meet team goals. You have a can-do attitude and exhibit personal accountability to your team—you do what you say.

Enjoy the journey.

Your optimism is infectious; you see the cup as half-full. You are simultaneously realistic about the present and confident about the future. You have a healthy sense of humor and join in the fun.

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We write because we think. And in the writing, our thinking and our work improve.

Our thoughts on what we are learning in the service of patients, healthcare professionals and biopharma brands.

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We Are in the Hope Business

A recent analysis of 172 million social media posts on cancer showed that after a basic understanding of the disease and the therapy options, patients look for inspiration.

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Backstage® Relate featured in PM360 Innovations Issue

Building relationships between a biopharma brand and target HCPs is typically a long-term commitment. But what if that relationship building process could be accelerated?

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