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Winding down 2020


Making space for what matters

2020 has presented us with many challenges, but as it draws to a close, we’d like to focus on what matters most–taking care of yourself and those around you.

winding down

Let the de-stress tournament begin!

To help us find great ways to de-stress, we’ve asked our closerlookers to share their favorite ways to wind down, and we’ve entered them in a little competition. Every week de-stress activities will face off. Cast your vote to help us find the best ways to wind down 2020. Don’t stress. Emails collected will only be used to tally votes. We promise.

You can vote once a day on your picks! Here’s all the entries for week 1:

Staying healthy

Whether it’s taking time away from your computer, getting a little zen, moving more, or just trying to make things feel normal, we’ve all had to get a little creative this year. We asked four closerlookers to break down the ways they’ve gotten creative while working from home.


Physical Health

Making time to stay active

From long walks through the neighborhood to spontaneous dance parties, Project Director Kevin Durnbaugh talks about all the ways he and his family have stayed safe and active throughout 2020.

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Mental Health

Crafting like a pro

Senior Art Director Nicole Ngo has serious creative skills. She’s crafted everything from homemade Halloween headpieces to a cardboard replica of her car. Read how she unwinds from her day by flexing her creative muscles.

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Stay at home

Becoming an at-home barista

Going from picking up specialty lattes on her way into work to creating at-home coffee concoctions, Associate Creative Director Beth Coakley has figured out a peaceful way to start her WFH mornings. 

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Work Life Balance

Carving out time for yourself

With no difference between work and home, Account Supervisor Kendall Stemper has found a way to make sure she still has time to unwind. Read how she spends her time outside of work hours recharging through exercise

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